FENCING Awards nomination - Bandalong Cottage Privacy Screens project by PH Fencing

FENCING Awards nomination - Bandalong Cottage Privacy Screens project by PH Fencing

Bandalong Cottage Privacy Screens project by PH Fencing in Mudgee NSW 2850.

PH Fencing gives Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Bandalong Cottage Privacy Screens Project

Challenges involved in the project

  • The greatest challenge initially was coming up with a design spec that met the clients vision. With the constant threat of bushfires in their very tree dense location, they had made the decision to remove trees around the separate cottages however this now presented a lack of privacy problem. They wanted a privacy screen that was functional, easy to install, within their budget, carried the elements of steel and timber and looked unique to complement their rural hospitality business. After considerable deliberation we came up with an idea that met their needs, although hard to visualise until we installed it.!

Products used on the project

  • We used 3m long 150 x 100mm Class one timber from Pilliga Natural Timbers as posts for stand alone screens. Prior to installing in the ground we painted the underground portion with Timber Protector. For rails we used Dunn and Farrugia 3100mm Gal rails and 2100mm COLORBOND® steel Posts. We used Zinc corrugated iron (for the rust effect in years to come) both vertically and horizontally in alternate panels. In the horizontal panels we clad the top and bottom rails and inserted a hardwood plank in the middle to break up the look. On the vertical panels we clad the C-Posts to hide them and separated the corry sheets again with hardwood planks.

Outcome of the project

The screens looked fantastic and the clients loved them. Looking straight on to them they look like a solid fence but being stand alone, and offset you can walk through them to move around the location. The C-posts were centred on the timber posts so that the cladding when applied were just shy of flush with the edge of the post, and the planks broke up the solid corry look, giving a mixture of textures, colours and interest to the screens. Clients were happy and we were really proud of what we had achieved.

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PH Fencing has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.