FENCING Awards 2021 Finalist - Backyard makeover by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes

FENCING Awards 2021 Finalist - Backyard makeover by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes

Backyard makeover by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes in Brisbane, QLD.

Matrix Fencing & Landscapes gave Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Backyard makeover project.

Challenges involved in the project

  • Firstly we needed to do something with the severe sloping yard, concrete sleeper retaining wall was the solution here and this provided us the longevity option to levelling the yard.
  • Once the wall was installed we got to work on importing fill and road base to fill to the desired levels, following this we installed the awesome combination of BlueScope Colorbond with stained Merbau timber posts fencing around 3 x boundaries of the property which against the Monument coloured fence it provided the perfect finish.
  • We couldn’t finish the fencing only addressing the boundary’s so we installed horizontal aluminium slats fencing to return to the house with gates, also Monument in colour, and also with the Merbau posts which again provided the perfect addition!
  • Additional to the boundary fencing and returns we needed to replace the incredibly dated pool fencing, this was with the use of powder coated Black aluminium Flat Top pool fencing which provides a simple yet elegant solution.
  • Now that the structural aspects of the works were addressed we then turned to the soft landscaping items, the yard now being level had trade organise under turf soil spread throughout and the ever resilient Platinum Zoysia turf laid.
  • Within the pool yard, we used the always visually pleasing tumbled sandstone gravel, collectively with 400*400 charcoal concrete pavers laid in a pattern to provide a walkway and also an area for sun lounges.

Products used on the project

  • Supply and installation of 1800mm high Colorbond steel fencing.
    -using BLUESCOPE Colorbond steel, with manufacturers warranty of 10 years
    -using 90*90 dressed MERBAU posts, installed in between colorbond posts
    -posts to be used collectively with galvanised steel fencing brackets and affixed atop of new retaining wall posts
    OR concreted into ground a minimum depth of 600mm
    -Sawtooth (good neighbour) or Trimline profile sheet
    -colour to be selected from factory range


  • Supply and installation of Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall.
    -using 100mm hot dipped galvanised steel posts, concreted into ground ranging in depths of 600-1200mm
    -using 200*75 40mpa SMOOTH GREY concrete sleepers, consisting of 12mm reinforcement
    -using 20mm drainage aggregate material, wrapped with geo-fabric material with socked agg line to collectively
    form the drainage system behind wall
    *Matrix to work in with client for raising the pool filter*


  • Supply and installation of 1200mm high Flat Top aluminium pool fencing.
    -Black in colour
    -using panels consist of 38*25 top and bottom rails with 16mm tubular verticals
    -using 50*50 posts concreted into ground a min depth of 600mm OR core drilled and set with grout into
    existing concrete slab


  • Landscaping works as follows:
    -installation of clean fill (fill to be sourced and evaluated at the time of execution)
    -supply and install road base, compacting to achieve level base for pool area
    -supply and install 400*400mm concrete pavers (colour TBC) as steppers, spaced 500mm apart for pool area
    -supply and install of 20mm tumbled sandstone for pool area
    -using Trade soil under turf, placed from pool area to LH boundary behind shed
    -using Platinum Zoysia turf, placed from pool area to LH boundary behind shed

Outcome of the project

  • All in all, we were very proud of the end product and with an ecstatic client, we could not be happier with the outcome!

This project by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes is a finalist in the Australian FENCING Awards 2021.