FENCING Awards 2021 Finalist - Sierra Uralla project by PH Fencing

FENCING Awards 2021 Finalist - Sierra Uralla project by PH Fencing

Sierra Uralla project by PH Fencing in Mudgee, NSW.

PH Fencing gave Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Sierra Uralla project.

Challenges involved in the project

  • The biggest challenge here was the angle, length and height required for this screen as it was situated beside a glamping tent on the side of a hill.
  • We had a 9 metre wide by 2.4m high screen to install.
  • Wind was going to be a player so the depth of the holes would need to be considered.
  • The underground rock proved to be a big issue involving a good deal of Jack-the-Hammer.
  • Using the right timber and spacing between slats to provide a see through impression yet screen the bath on the deck from the neighbouring buildings was important.
  • We found that bracing to secure the slats was essential as they don't come or stay 100% straight which involved quite a lot of securing!

Products used on the project

  • We used 75 x 75mm x 2mm x 4m steel posts 900-1100mm in ground as our screens needed to be 2.4m above ground.
  • The slats were SpecRite 2.25m long 90mm Non reeded Select KD Merbau.
  • The steel posts, Whites Outdoor 19mm 2m Rear Fix Screen Channel and Brace, bracket and end pieces, all had to be powdercoated Monument prior to the install.
  • We used Cabots New Timber Prep, Deck Clean and Cabots Water based Deck Oil for the slats.

Outcome of the project

  • It looks amazing and the customer lost no time getting us back to work on another project.
  • The screens did exactly what they were meant to do.

This project by PH Fencing is a finalist in the Australian FENCING Awards 2021.