FENCING Awards 2021 nomination - Blank Canvas Project by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes

FENCING Awards 2021 nomination - Blank Canvas Project by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes

Blank Canvas Project by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes in Holland Park West QLD.

Matrix Fencing & Landscapes gave Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Blank Canvas Project.

Challenges involved in the project

  • I will start with the back yard, we removed a substantial amount soil from the property after shaping the yard to achieve the vision.
  • A smooth grey concrete sleeper wall with the recessed concrete sleeper stairs, leading to the stairs and as the treads we utilised 400*400 concrete pavers for steppers and with the touch of tumbled sandstone gravel around the treads it really finished it off nicely.
  • Behind the wall we installed Red Cypress mulch which is edged off with treated hardwood rails, ready for the client to apply their plant selection.
  • Down the RH side of the house we installed more tumbled sandstone, this area will look to serve as a raised garden/veggie patch. As the build did not include any additional concrete, other than the bare minimum, so we installed a pathway that wrapped both sides of the house.
  • To complete the back yard we installed Underturf soil and laid Platinum Zoysia turf, this continued down the LH side of the house through the front yard and also the footpath.
  • Now for the focal point, this is where this house fast become the main attraction for the street. Monument sealed Driftwood concrete sleeper retaining walls with recessed stairs, atop of the wall a powder coated Surfmist aluminium horizontal slats fence with 2 x sets of vehicle access gates and 1 x pedestrian gate atop of the stairs. The main drive way we installed Centsys motors for a full automated solution. Further red cypress mulch placed between the walls and the client was quick to provide the plants here too.
  • The front boundary walls continued down the RH boundary and we also replaced the fence here with a Bluescope Colorbond steel fence. Before we left we also installed the gutter transition ramp, as the road meeting the drive is quite steep the vehicles were bottoming out .

Products used on the project

Supply and installation of concrete sleepers with hot dipped galvanised steel posts and all associated drainage, retaining walls:

  • using 200*75 40mpa DURAWALL DRIFTWOOD or SMOOTH GREY concrete sleepers, consisting of 12mm reinforcement
  • 100mm hot dipped galvanised posts, concreted into the ground ranging in depths of 600-1200mm
  • Terradrain material with socked agg line placed behind he wall to form drainage system behind each of the walls
  • stairs are formed with the use of concrete sleepers as 'risers' and decorative stone with 400*400 concrete paver/steppers for the 'treads'
  • *pricing includes the excavation of areas for new wall*

Supply and installation of 1800mm high Colorbond Steel Fencing:

  • using Bluescope Colorbond steel, with manufacturer's warranty of 10 years
  • posts to be concreted into ground a minimum depth of 600mm or collectively used with galvanised steel fencing brackets atop of new wall panels to be stepped where necessary to follow the grade of the land/wall
  • Sawtooth (good neighbour) or Trimclad profile sheet colour to be selected from factory range

Supply and installation of 1800mm high powder coated aluminium Slats Fencing and Gates:

  • using 50*50 posts, collectively used with 3mm galvanised steel fencing brackets OR concreted into ground a minimum depth of 600mm
  • using 65mm slats, installed with 10mm spacings colour to be selected from factory range
  • pedestrian gate and manual double gates installed with tru close hinges and lokk latch deluxe assembly
  • driveway gates installed with heavy duty hinges and low voltage CENTSYS motors with double swinging gates (supplied with 2 x remotes)

Landscaping works:

  • strip existing soil/grass from front and rear yards and spread to level out property
  • using trade organic under turf soil, spread 50-100mm in thickness throughout property
  • using 200*100 charcoal concrete pavers as garden edging behind rear conc wall with Red Cypress chip mulch and garden soil, spread throughout garden
  • using road base, compacting to achieve level base
  • using 2 x rows of 400*400mm concrete pavers (colour TBC) as steppers, spaced 500mm apart, to form a 'walkway' RH side of house
  • using of 20mm Fruit Salad decorative gravel
  • using Nullarbor Couch turf, laid through
  • using broom finished plain grey concrete, installed with reinforcement mesh for pathways around house

Outcome of the project

  • We are quite proud of the outcome on this project, we are pleased to say that our client’s were ecstatic with the outcome as well.
  • These kind of projects and clients really remind us of how much we enjoy what we do and strive to exceed all our client’s expectations.
  • Oh and before we forget, we even did the Hills Hoist clothesline!

This project by Matrix Fencing & Landscapes has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2021.