FENCING Awards 2021 nomination - Perforated Pool Compliant Fencing project

FENCING Awards 2021 nomination - Perforated Pool Compliant Fencing project

Perforated Pool Compliant Fencing project by DECO Screens in Grandview Parade Newport Sydney.

DECO Screens gave Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Perforated Pool Compliant Fencing project.

Challenges involved in the project

  • The challenges on this project were many. Firstly we addressed the pool compliance issues ensuring our heights were at correct standards including the 900mm radius law we had to take into account which resulted in a single panel over three meters high where the existing deck steeped down.
  • Design also played a major roll in this project, as it was imperative we reached a harmonious balance between the environment, the neighbours and functionality of the screens as the privacy air flow balance needed to be achieved.
  • The install itself was nothing short of difficult. We had five staff members on site for a full 9.5 hour day. The photos don’t show it but this particular site was not only heavily sloped and muddy (total lack of drainage) the install of the fencing screens were 3 to 4 meters off ground level and when you’re installing fencing screens at 1.8 meters high and 3 meters high in addition to the ground level variation you have to be meticulous about the positioning and anchoring of your scaffolding, ladders and other platforms that you’re utilising.
  • At the far end of the deck, it became extremely narrow and there was one section over a span of about 3 meters where there was no decking at all (a vacant space left deliberately for the pool cover), this was also the highest area off ground level.

Products used on the project

  • Marine Grade Aluminium 2.5mm custom screening with a solid design and remaining area perforated to a maximum of 10mm each perforation to ensure pool compliance.
  • 65mm x 65mm square aluminium posts with a combination of concrete footings, custom base plates and side mounts. Some posts were as long as 4700mm.
  • Fixing points varied from soil, to concrete slab to timber deck.

Outcome of the project

  • This was truly one those exceptionally rewarding projects where we overcome a very difficult install and the client’s gratitude was such it left all our staff quite overwhelmed and joyous.
  • The pool fencing passed the pool certification process upon first inspection which further pleased the client to no end.
  • Aesthetically we achieved the required balance, including approval from the neighbouring property which can be a delicate process at the best of times.
  • Even though the screening was quite high from ground level, it wasn’t intrusive of the neighbours, it allowed air flow and sun light to filter through whilst also retaining a level of privacy for our clients and complemented the existing surrounds beautifully.

This project by DECO Screens has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2021.