FENCING Awards 2021 nomination - The Fox Fence

FENCING Awards 2021 nomination - The Fox Fence

The Fox Fence by Walters Fencing in Kootingal, New South Wales.

Walters Fencing gave Australian Fencing Awards some key information on The Fox Fence.

Challenges involved in the project

  • Constructing a fox proof fence just inside an existing boundary that couldn't be disturbed meant limited vehicle access, and the requirement for large gates meant they were built from scratch.
  • Anti digging netting was laid out first along the ground then the fence was punched through it and built over the top.
  • Running a hotwire around the top created the challenge of welding insulators to the post caps.

Products used on the project

  • A special 1800mm netting dispensing trolley was built just for this job due to limited vehicle access.
  • Walters Fencing wire spinners, clip gun guides, and straining plates were used extensively.
  • Gallagher solar energiser, Waratah plain wire, and Angas 1800mm high netting.
  • 150nb gal strainer posts and custom built tieback stay systems - made in house.

Outcome of the project

  • Foxes have been kept out of the henhouse! Customer was very happy and paid on time.

This project by Walters Fencing has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2021.