FENCING Awards 2021 Winner - Stock and Noble Horse Stable Yards project by WNS Contracting

FENCING Awards 2021 Winner - Stock and Noble Horse Stable Yards project by WNS Contracting

Winner of the Innovation & Excellence in Horse Fencing category for 2021: Stock and Noble Horse Stable Yards project by WNS Contracting in Orange, NSW.

WNS Contracting gave Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Stock and Noble Horse Stable Yards project.

Challenges involved in the project

  • Stock and Noble work directly with the consumer to design a fencing system that is tailored to their specific needs. Their fencing systems are designed for flat and level ground, and under those conditions the fence is relatively straight forward to construct while giving a superior finish in both looks and strength.
  • On this particular project, whilst the area that had the smaller stable yards in it were professionally filled and leveled, the large yard that the stable pens opened up into sloped significantly. In the design the corners of the large yard were cut off at a 45 degree angle which, when combined with the slope of the ground made fitting the rails exceptionally difficult both in cutting the material at the correct angles to accommodate the change in direction and then to get the horizontal access correct for the slope of the ground really put our team to the test, but they achieved a superior result.
  • Because it is a kit form, we were not able to dig all the holes in one go because there wasn't enough play in the rails if the post sat too far over in a hole. Therefore all holes had to be measured and dug individually, one by one to ensure it was perfect. A similar process needed to be applied to the concreting process to ensure that the posts were placed correctly within the holes before the next one could be placed. Each post, during the concreting process, had 2 x spirit levels on it to check it was plumb, it was lined up against a sting line and then the top levels of the posts had to be at the correct height to ensure the rails flowed into the special slots correctly and flowed level the way they should. This required 2 people to achieve and was a very slow process next to other traditional methods.
  • To accommodate the slope of the ground and how that met the intersections of the level sections and also the cut corners and onto the bottom side of the fence required experience, skill and good judgement from all members of our team. We are exceptionally fortunate that all members of our team are as detailed focused as we are and could actively participate in the build process, spotting potential issues before they arose and putting in appropriate work around to achieve the high quality results that we have.

Products used on the project

  • Stock and Noble - Buckley Steel Fence

Outcome of the project

  • We are exceptionally happy with how the more complex build aspects have turned out.
  • For a product/ design that was created around a completely level site we believe that we have managed to navigate our way around them successfully and construct a fencing product that is worthy of being attached to stables of this standard.

This project by WNS Contracting is a Winner in the Australian FENCING Awards 2021.