Industry Women for 2020 - Jennifer Snyders, House of Bamboo

Industry Women for 2020 - Jennifer Snyders, House of Bamboo

In 2011 Jennifer Snyders joined her father in the business, bringing a designers skillset with her. Having qualified with a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) and a Bachelor of Architecture from University of NSW Jennifer has understood the incredible but unrealised potential of bamboo and how it can be used across the full breadth of landscaping, design and architecture.

Her sense of design and technical understanding of the amazing properties of bamboo led her to develop entirely new engineered product ranges which are all FSC certified.

Jennifer has ensured her products help small village communities in South-East Asia grow and support themselves. Her pioneering work has seen the development of engineered bamboo - just one of the amazing ways of reimagining, what is a humble grass into materials that can outperform timber.

Jennifer is now a leading voice in the development of a homegrown bamboo industry in Australia and continues to champion her father's vision. As well as being the CEO of House of Bamboo and creating new fencing and screening product solutions, Jennifer pursues her passion by cultivating bamboo projects. Throughout Australia, she aims to find and challenge everyone to support land regeneration, reforestation and helping local communities to find new sustainable industries based on the wonders of bamboo.

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Jennifer Snyders from House of Bamboo is a finalist in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.

Due to the current Covid situation, the trophy presentations have been postponed until January 2021.