Industry Women for 2020 - Patricia Harrison, PH Fencing

Industry Women for 2020 - Patricia Harrison, PH Fencing

Patricia Harrison has a Bachelor of Business - Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Certificate in Farm Planning and First Aid qualifications.

She provides back office support for the fencing business including assessing jobs, costing and preparing quotes for all types of fence jobs, liaises with customers, suppliers and Paul, manages office assistant Sarah, manages the finances including BAS preparation, payroll, sourcing materials, logistics, SWMS, freight and accommodation when the men are working away from home.

Patricia Harrison's involvement in the business assisted our success in obtaining 4 Road and Maritime Services tenders and providing support in all areas for Paul and his labourers.

When required, she assists on the job whether it be picking up and delivering material, mixing concrete, installing privacy screens, ColorbondĀ® installs, digging holes, running wires or tying hingejoint at the posts or tying on barb.

Patricia Harrison recruits, onboard and train new employees in some of their required tasks, organise uniforms, and all required paperwork for the engagement process. In addition she runs the household and gets her son to school and sporting commitments.

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Patricia Harrison from PH Fencing has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.

Due to the current Covid situation, the trophy presentations have been postponed until January 2021.