Industry Innovator 2020 - Steve Walters from Walters Fencing

Industry Innovator 2020 - Steve Walters from Walters Fencing

Steve Walters began working as a fencing contractor using the traditional tools of the trade such as the crow bar and shovel, still driving posts into the ground by manual means.

Steve set about developing equipment to increase efficiency and hasten project completions.

Implementing the use of a hydraulic post driver, a 'build-as-you-go' fencing trailer, custom built wire winders and custom built wire spinners not only drastically reduced the manual labour involved in fence construction.

Steve realised that other contractors and farmers had the same needs for specialised equipment that was not commercially available and he started to refine and manufacture the braked wire spinners, post racks, and wire winders that were previously made for his own use.

In conjunction with the engineering, development and manufacture of specialised fencing equipment at Steve's factory outside of Tamworth, his products are used in every state and territory in Australia.

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Walters Fencing is a finalist in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.

Due to the current Covid situation, the trophy presentations have been postponed until January 2021.