FENCING Awards nomination - Kersbrook Equestrian Centre project by StockGuard

FENCING Awards nomination - Kersbrook Equestrian Centre project by StockGuard

Kersbrook Equestrian Centre project by StockGuard.

StockGuard gives Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Kersbrook Equestrian Centre project

Challenges involved in the project

  • Kersbrook was the worst hit town during the 2015 Adelaide Hills bushfires in South Australia. More than 12,500 hectares (31,000 acres) of forest and grazing land were lost, including 35 hectares (86 acres) of vineyards. The fire front stretched to a total perimeter of 224 kilometres. The fires lasted for 8 days and destroyed 27 houses.
  • Kersbrook Equestrian Centre sits in a valley of 35 hectares, which were entirely burned on the first afternoon. Fire took out 6 kilometres of fencing, paddocks, pastures and many of their trees. Thankfully the house and sheds were saved as were the animals.
  • The owners faced the mammoth task of rebuilding and creating a new safe environment for their many horses. Before their fencing could be replaced the property’s fence lines needed to be completely cleared. We worked together with our client and reached out to the South Australian Forestry Corporation/Department of Primary Industries board who agreed to assist with the clearing of the property boundaries of burnt and fallen trees.
  • BlazeAid pulled all the old fencing down and huge bulldozers were brought in and this meant our client could get started on a whole new StockGuard fencing system to keep all their horses safe.
  • Nicki Stuart from Kersbrook Equestrian Centre also worked closely with their local community to provide advice and support regarding the types of decisions, challenges and opportunities faced as part of re-build.

Products used on the project

  • Kersbrook has spent just under $10,000 on our StockGuard fencing materials since their rebuild began in 2015 until late 2019. Now in 2020 with all the StockGuard fencing complete, they have a full team of horses in the centre again. The project could not have been completed without the hard work and helping hands of the local community, all the staff at Kersbrook and a committed local fencing contractor team. The fencing project was a collaboration with WoodShield posts, in combination it offers a wire free, environmentally friendly property setup which is easily maintained by its owners.

The outcome of the project

The fire has presented an opportunity to come back better than ever. Fencing that would last for the next 25 years plus. The total investment is hard to quantify given the assistance from the local community however if we had to pay for all the labour the investment would have been more than $45,000. Kersbrook Equestrian Centre is South Australia's premier multi-purpose equestrian centre once again. An inspiration to all the surrounding communities of courage and hard work after adversity.

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StockGuard has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.